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The name BridgeParker pays homage to the city where I was born; Bridgeport the Park City.
I remember waking up one morning having dreamt about the most exquisite clutch I had never seen in real life. That was in 2006! I haven’t made that bag yet, but with every clutch I make,
I’m trying to achieve the feeling I felt in that dream.

A little fun fact about BridgeParker Bags:

One freezing day..way back in 2009, I stood outside overnight in a line wrapped all the way around Henri Bendel in Manhattan. I was there for what used to be called "Open See". The buyers would open up the back room of the store to aspiring designers. I waited and waited. It was finally my turn...and guess what?? THEY LOVED MY SIGNATURE TRIANGLE BAG!!! But one small catch; they said "make it in leather, OUR client loves a unique leather bag. It's durable and worth the investment." They also said, "come back next year, we would love to discuss carrying your bag here at Henri Bendel.....”
I never went back. That store is now closed, but the dream is still alive and thriving!
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Hello!  I’m the creator & maker behind BridgeParker Handbags. As a self taught designer, I began making bags in 2006 in Bridgeport, CT. I now reside just outside Atlanta, GA with my husband Kevin. 


My 1st design influence was my Auntie Harriett. She made me a dress for Easter & my 

mind was blown! I remember thinking, “she made this with her hands!” I just knew she was Superman. That dress got worn for Easter, picture day, and any Sunday my mom would let me wear it to church until I couldn’t fit it anymore. Talk about real tears!! 

I have always loved fashion. I remember sitting in the house watching the Fashion channel for hours! There was a host named Constance White who so eloquently portrayed black beauty and grace. I hung onto her EVERY WORD. But my biggest driving force was the great André Leon Talley. I just had to meet him one day. I literally just wanted him to know my name. That hasn’t happened yet, but there’s still time! 

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In honor of the Kings in my life, the creations in this collection are named after a few of the strong Black Men who made me who I am.

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